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Warner has a history of performing a wide variety of projects in both the private and public sectors. Recently, Warner was responsible for managing the construction of a new craftsman- style library. This project included reclamation of architectural- quality building materials from a completed movie set, complete project management and construction management services from project inception to completion, assisting in fundraising activities, coordination with school administrators, parent groups, local officials, CEQA consultants, architects and engineers, and obtaining state approvals. Warner also provided various access compliance and other school site upgrades and supplied construction financing for the project. The level of quality and attention to detail in this project demonstrate that it is possible to build aesthetically pleasing learning spaces, safely and cost effectively, in public schools.

In July, 2002, Warner was awarded a contract to construction manage FEMA-funded Hazard Mitigation projects throughout the LAUSD. This scope involved over 1,600 projects at over 900 school sites, and required the careful coordination of asbestos abatement, seismic upgrades and other projects. As the Owner Authorized Representative (OAR) Warner performed all Project and Construction Management activities on these projects, including the design of the Request For Bid, contract preparation, bid evaluation, construction management of outside contractors, communicating with inspectors, assuring proper hazardous material handling and disposal, completing project close-out, and providing all documentation required by FEMA. This work is approximately 90% complete, with final completion anticipated by December 31, 2004.

In July of 1997, Warner was awarded a contract for FEMA Hazard Mitigation work in the former Maintenance and Operations Area 7 (currently classified as Local District K--with parts of Local Districts G and I). Working as a direct contractor to LAUSD until June 2001, we replaced unsafe fixtures in 110 schools. This hands-on contracting experience and in-house project management expertise was invaluable for the subsequent construction management services performed under the 2002 contract.

In 2000, Warner accepted and completed an assignment of 36 additional FEMA sites from a contractor who was unable to complete the sites in accordance with the terms of their contract.

As part of a separate 1996 contract with LAUSD, Warner prepared Plans and Specifications for Bid and performed Survey and Construction Management services. This contract covered 149 additional sites in the former Maintenance and Operations Areas 2 and 3 (currently parts of Local Districts D, F, G and H).

Warner managed the work of three contractors under Various Group contracts including daily job site visits, regular construction meetings, inspector meetings, structural engineering details, quality and cost control, change order management and processing, and delivery of the required M&O manuals and FEMA reports.

Warner was required to complete many small (less than $100,000) projects on an aggressive schedule and needed to adhere to detailed and specific FEMA reporting requirements. In order to help meet our schedule at the necessary level of safety and quality, Warner developed a proprietary Data Acquisition and Project Management relational database. The Warner database produces individual line item information by room, allowing us to specify, manage, and report our progress quickly and accurately.

Warner's database tools, combined with extensive FEMA experience, efficient staffing, aggressive project and construction management, and intense determination to stay on schedule and under budget, distinguish it from even the largest firms performing similar work.

At Warner, "Follow-Up and Follow-Through" is more than a slogan. It is a habit we work hard to inculcate in our associates, contractors, and colleagues. It is how things get done. Warner is well known for its thorough treatment of complex and time-sensitive school projects. Our specialty is fast-track completion of large and small scale projects at multiple locations. These projects require us to tailor data collection, contract administration, and construction management to suit the client's needs.

Our detailed approach to data gathering and project management supported by our proprietary relational database ensure efficiency and customer satisfaction. Warner supports our client's information needs by providing detailed reports with rapid turn-around. We routinely provide information needed to determine and monitor available funding for FEMA Hazard Mitigation, Bond funding and utility incentive programs.

Warner is keenly aware of customer standards and contract requirements. We maintain strict adherence to cleanliness rules, safety standards, and construction timetables set by the customer. Well-established internal systems provide for maximum efficiency and flexibility in construction, and minimize any interruption of customer's ongoing activities.

From 1992 to 1996, Warner worked under contract directly with Boston Edison Company (BECo) and successfully managed lighting and building automation work at 45 public schools, including Cities of Boston, Newton, Lexington, and Waltham Schools. Warner has provided services to schools in other areas of the country such as Iona Preparatory School and Sacred Heart School, New York; Brandeis University, Boston; San Diego School District and Fallbrook Union School District in San Diego.

Upon selection in 1993 as one of three performance contractors to LAUSD, Warner assisted in developing a program for the replacement of lighting, mechanical, and water systems throughout the District.


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